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drop down menu list of PDF files using link_to and send_data

pdf send_data link_to

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#1 larabosa



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Posted 18 November 2013 - 10:47 PM



I need to create a drop down menu list of PDF files that come from our database so that the user can view each of them.


I have a navigation partial where I call this method located at the application helper:


def documents_list(action_id)
   action_documents = ActionDocument.where('action_id = ?', action_id)
   # action_documents should be an array of ActionDocument objects
   html = ''
   action_documents.each do |adoc|
     html += '<li data-filter-camera-type="all">'
     html += link_to(adoc.title, action_document_path(action_document_id: adoc.id, format: :pdf) )
     html += '</li>'
In my summary controller I have the following method:
def send_file
    action_document_id = params[:action_document_id]
    action_document = ActionDocument.find(action_document_id)
    respond_to do |format|
      format.pdf do
        send_data(action_document.document, type: 'application/pdf', filename: action_document.filename, disposition: 'inline')
And my routes file contains the following:
get 'summary/action_document/:action_document_id(.:format)' => 'summary#send_file', :as => 'action_document'
The link to each of the PDFs are built properly (../summary/action_document/7.pdf, etc.) when view the source, but for some reason the action_document_path goes to my summary controller index action instead of send_file action and I can't figure out why.
Thanks in advance for any help,


#2 larabosa



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Posted 19 November 2013 - 03:04 PM

Update in case it is useful for anyone:


I renamed send_file action to get_document thinking there might be an issue with Rails send_file and my method's name, so my route has become:

get 'summary/:action_document_id/document(.:format)' => 'summary#get_document', :as => 'action_document'


Still did not work so I decided to move the get 'summary/:action_document_id/document(.:format)' => 'summary#get_document', :as => 'action_document'

before my get 'summary/:reviewer_id/:action_id' => 'summary#index', :as => 'summary' route and that did it. 


Now works fine. I can click on the document title and that will bring me the PDF



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