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Hi everybody, my name's Jerome.


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 11:46 AM

I'm a young (37 years old) newbie on Rails (1 month experience) and also on Ruby (one first experience 7 years ago and now from 3 months).

I'm also from France (frenchy... sorry guys... no-one is perfect...  :) ) and that's why my english is not good.

I can said that i'm also a real froggy... because i'm commercial diver, so french diver, sure is real froggy.


I'm here for learn and find, but maybe in the future for answer or add intellectual contribution if i can do it (i hope so).


For learn, i do a little test for range movies and provide torrents, also books or other medias, try make css3 responsive presentation... also try not to do all with javascript (i think it is better for learn to do the max with the rails framework). First on my computer i do it with webrick server and MySQL database. I also try some gem codes inside rails-4 for best integration.


I like rails framework because:

1 it is with Ruby language (i like it to much... very easy and efficiency quick)

2 because it do the job better than me and show me the road (maybe one day i will go with Sinatra...).

3 i would like to do that i precisely want and i see that with some other frameworks/CMS like wordpress or joomla, i can not... and PHP is really heavy and not really object oriented.


Next step will be to learn nginx and passenger installation and configuration... :rolleyes:

finality will be to make some web site in Asia and stay in Asia too... (i'm tired with some other froggies mentality...  :D )


have all a good day.

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