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Posted 11 May 2015 - 04:07 PM

I'm a fan of minimal rules, so I'll keep this short. If you'd like to discuss these rules head over to the meta sub-forum, that's what it's for.  :)


What this sub-forum is for:

  • Building a community about Rails!
  • Talking about the cool stuff you just built, and trying to get people interested in it (just make sure not to cross the line into spammer. :))
  • Discussing Rails as a framework, Ruby as a language, and associated tools (gems, database engines, your favorite templating language - oh, but don't discuss editors/IDEs, vim is obviously the best :ph34r:, so it's pointless to bring up the topic again and again)
  • Asking for recommendations + suggestions that don't fall into the "What this sub-forum is not for" section.

What this sub-forum is not for:

  • Asking for help or for someone to debug/examine/critique your code/config file/server deployment, etc. Except for very rare exceptions (which are so rare that it's hard to even articulate them right now) those questions should go to one of the following amazing StackExchange network sites:
    • StackOverflow for programming questions and all things Rails + Ruby
    • CodeReview if you're looking for someone to critique your code, such as feedback regarding design, organization, efficiency, style, etc.
    • ServerFault if you need help with various non-Rails/non-Ruby tools such as Apache/nginx configuration, Linux and other OS questions
    • I know there are a lot of Q&A posts in this sub-forum already, but consider them deprecated, present only because of legacy support, but not officially supported going forward.
  • Job posts:
    • This isn't a job board. There are job boards for that sort of thing, such as r/railsjobsStackOverflow Careers, or WeWorkRemotely.
    • Don't post looking for a job.
    • Don't post looking to hire someone.
    • I know, this moderator must be a real hard-nosed jerk! Well, actually I'm just trying to point you to the best tool for the job at hand: a job board.
    • But why? ​Job posts tend to show up on community sites of all kinds for two main reasons:
      • Developers don't realize how much more efficient job boards are at this kind of thing, and should be kindly directed to go to said job boards.
      • Companies want a free way to advertise their job posting, because it typically costs them money to post jobs on job boards, but they think:
        "Hey, I could just spam the crap out of this board for free and maybe snag a decent developer in the process. What's the downside?"


        Look, companies are companies, and they like free stuff just like you. But here's the thing: companies have money for these things (I should know, I'm a business owner myself) and companies should be expected to pay in order to distract you with attention-grabbing ads (which is what job postings are). So, don't feel pity for companies. They are not human. They are money-producing superbots hell bent on taking over the planet and all its resources, wanting nothing more than the pesky humans to get out of the way. Don't pay them mind in this community as they roll their tank tracks over your face. The companies will feel nothing.

        Besides, we'll need a place to organize our anti-superbot rebellion, and if we let them infiltrate the forum now then we've already lost!



If you're not sure which sub-forum your post belongs in:


Just pick one. What's the worst that could happen, a moderator moves your post? Not a big deal, right? Just don't cross-post across multiple sub-forums for goodness sake! Like Ruby: DRY (don't repeat yourself) and all will be well.





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