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Start study Rails 4 or 3.2? What better for now?

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#1 patrickmaciel



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Posted 23 September 2013 - 11:02 PM

Yesterday I started to study Rails, but, Ubuntu installed the version 4.0.0 stable.
I bought 3 books before that, and all these books are for 3.2 version.
My question is:
  • Can I continue study version 4?
  • Servers / Cloud / VPS are ready for it?
  • The differences between 3.2 and 4.0 is huge?

#2 Rowel



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Posted 24 September 2013 - 10:17 AM   Best Answer

Hey, I'm learning Rails 4 and I still find books that reference 3.2 useful for me. 


Some commands have been deprecated and replaced in 4. 



I think one of the notable changes is regarding cross site scripting attack, and Rails 4 has guards against that kind of hacker attack built in.


In terms of MVC way of doing things, techniques, patterns, concepts, etc and Rails in general, I think your 3.2 books will still be useful.  (just take note of some deprecated commands in ActiveRecord)... basically some commands have been renamed. 


Heroku can host Rails4, and others too. 


I started learning on 4.0 version... I figure by the time I'm really comfortable and an expert in 4.0, maybe 4.1 or 4.5 will be out. HA!  

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#3 stevieing



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Posted 24 September 2013 - 10:51 AM

If you want to future proof your apps then it is probably better to move to Rails 4.


If you use a VPS the choice of version is up to you.


If you want to know the differences between 3 and 4 then it is best to do some research. Ryan Bates has done some tutorials at railscasts.com. The RoR wesbite also has some details and the api will give you further information.


When you do gem install rails on any system it will install the latest version. If you want to manage your Rails versions easily it might be better to use a Ruby Version Management tool such as RVM.




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