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Is rails good choice for me ?

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#1 Zyklon



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Posted 28 June 2014 - 03:30 PM

Hello there.


This might be the silly question so excuse me.


I know html and css and I would like to start creating dynamic websites (as hobby but I would like to make those sites well). I will not make (probably) some really large project but still I would like to create smaller site with full funcionality. something like this: http://diit.cz/ (take it just as example of what I would like to do).


I need those (and probably more) functions:


Possibility to create account at the site. With admin account - possibility to (for exanple edit article, delete article, create new article etc.) at the page side (I mean like I can go to any pc, login to my website and edit things using the website enviroment - not to write every new article etc. directly to source code.)


Possibility to have discussion under each article - and as admin to delete posts. Also possibility for commnets for unregistered users.


Mobile version of the site


Possibility to swich language for the site, change skin


Have discussion forum at my site.


So basicly I would like to create small "magazine" but I would like to write it from the scratch and all by myself - do not want to use wordpress etc. Just like to do it myself.


So my question is: Is ruby on rails good choice for this or should I use something else? Like php, .net or something else? Thank you for your anwers.





#2 madcat



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Posted 06 July 2014 - 02:13 AM



I'm fairly new to Rails but my background seems much like yours > html, css. I wanted to move into web apps and did the php thing for awhile. Rails was quite intimidating to me at first - even with some programming experience, but I have not looked back. What was then intimidating I've discovered is one of Rails best features, it offers a full integrated software stack. I also find Rails to be aesthetically pleasing software from a programming standpoint. What I would suggest is go to Coursera online and search for the class 'Web Application Architecture'. You can sign up for free and while the class is not active you can watch through the video lectures and do the programming exercises on your own. It will help you get your development enviornment up and running and for the class you will build a basic blog application much like what you are describing. In addition, you get a feel for your way around Rails and learn some of the architecture theory. You should find out if Rails is right for you.

#3 Zyklon



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Posted 10 July 2014 - 03:08 PM

Hello madcat,


thank you for your answer. This is exactly the thing I wanted to hear :-). I already did some basics with rails, so my enviroment is already correctly working. I just want to ensure my self before I dive inside deeply. Thank you for the Coursera tip. I will post my progress after some time.

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