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Problems referencing code in bundled gems

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Posted 10 January 2014 - 04:41 PM


   I'm working on my first gem and I'm having a problem referencing dependencies.   In my gem, I need to reference code from some other custom gems we've developed.  We'll call my Gem "test_company_models".   In my test_company_models gem, I need to include PricingExtensions from our test_company_libs Gem.


I'm dynamically requiring my models in my test_company_models.rb this way:

Dir[File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), '/test_company_models/*.rb')].each do |file|
  # skip previously loaded files to avoid duplicate warnings
  next if File.basename(file, File.extname(file)) == 'version'
  require File.join( File.dirname(__FILE__), "vst_models/#{File.basename(file, File.extname(file))}")

This works fine until I am pulling in a model which references PricingExtensions from the test_company_libs Gem:

class CartItem < ActiveRecord::Base
  include PricingExtensions

Which gives me this error:

uninitialized constant CartItem::PricingExtensions

I've tried adding the test_company_libs Gem to my Gem in these two ways:




gem 'test_company_libs', :git => 'git@github.com:test_company/test_company-libs.git', :require => false  

and in the test_company_models.gemspec:

spec.add_runtime_dependency "test_company_libs"

In either case, I get the "uninitialized constant CartItem::PricingExtensions" error.



Any idea as to what I am doing wrong?




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